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care. irs telling people they will face shared responsibility tax. melissa francis is here to talk about all of. that how are you. good day to you. what is the warning from the white house? >> they want you to know when you file your tax return next year they will look back at this year starting in january and wanting to make sure that everyone has had insurance every month and if not, you are going to face a penalty when you file your tax return. and you think you are safe, there is a lot of confusion and didn't have insurance, they want you to know that you will face a penalty for the january month that went by? >> what is the penalty. one percent of the house hold or 95 per dult plus 47.50 up to $285. which ever is higher that is going to pay. over time it is going up to 2.5 percent of the adjusted gross income or 2085 which is higher? >> and some people call it a tax. no, no. it is not a nice word. you don't like tax. it is shared responsibility payment. it is your responsibility and mine and theires is going to help you share your dollars with the rest of the country. so now t
with the same old stale ideas of raising spending and taxes and nothing new in there. and i am disappointed he put 58 billion worth of new spending sense he signed a bill with a budget agreement two months ago. >> the white house said 13 million americans are getting a tax break, are they? >> the best way to make sure everyone is are treated fairly is to reform. it we put out to reform corporate and individual side. and millions of jobs would be created. i wish the president would come down and listen and have a dialogue. >> he is calling for more spending. >> what is the chance that more spending passes this congress? >> i don't think he has much of a chance here in the house. i can't speak for the senate. but more spending is not the issue here. it is odd it came out on the same day we reached the $17.4 trillion debt. the debt clock is ticking and until we get serious about growing your economy and creating more jobs, obviously it is not the congress that creates jobs. but the american people are the job creators and we have a number of bills laying on the desk in the senate waiting for thos
billion in tax credit to finance the private coverage of obama care. i mean, that adds to the the deficit, does it not. >> 60 billion by the way is shy of what we spend on food stamps for the entire year. the reason people missed it, it was not in the allooccasion for hhs. which is where most of obama care is rolling out for. it was in the allocation of the treasury department that oversees the irs. they will be administer ared by the irs under the treasury department umbrella. and people can say, and there is reason for it, that tax credits are not the same as spending, but the bottom line is, it adds to the deficit. 60 billion in tax credits and mostly small companies who can't afford to pay for the insurance is going to add to the deficit. extra spending by definition adds to the deficit. by the way, to be fair here cbo is saying it will be a billion. but excuse me, 18. >> 8 billion. >> and well, the point is, they are claiming to get the money back eventually once obama care begins to pay off. the money that we spend on tarp spending, most of that money was paid back and there are pre
the federal tax sussydys that would help to make whatever plan more affordable. and a lot of those states where the changes haven't been working, we're now hoping the federal government is going to extend those tax subsidies to people who bought in the private market where the subsidies to my opinion were never intended for. again, it sounds like yet another change to the law that benefits the administration. but in the end, somebody is going to have to pay for it. >> this is another unilateral change, making it up as we go alone. this tends to be a trend to the administration. they basically got an irs interpretation that would allow this to paper over what was not provided for by congress. so here we go again, another lawsuit will be filed to challenge this and it will have to be decided in the courts. >> and i know that some of those claims have been proceeding. you're a former texas supreme court justice and former texas attorney general. you're very familiar with the constitution. when we hear all of on these things, a question i'm sure i get and you get it even more than i do, what
, that's a big-time problem. remember, anybody that doesn't sign up, they're looking at tax penalties. when people start source the higher taxes that come with obamacare, i think that, again they're going to be unhappy about it, and that's the growing discontent you see, that the -- on a bipartisan basis, democrats need to join with us on the right kinds of solutions. >> senator john hoeven, republican from north dakota, that deadline is approaching fast. we will be reporting on it. thanks for joining us this sunday. >> thanks, eric. >>> thanks. jamie? >> gentlemen, thanks to both of you. >>> there's a new government watchballing report. appearing at first glance, it concludes that the u.s. has a shortage of airline pilots. there are some analysts that say they're unsure if there are too few or too little bay for those who would otherwise be capable, but what is behind the drop-off? should air travelers be concerned? >>> joining mess is askor of "bulls and bears" seen here on saturdays. we never miss it. >> thank you. >> if there aren't enough pilots, what will it mean? >> i took a cl
on the budget and spending of the tax dollars. >> looking forward to. that another poll that may trouble for the president, survey finds that uninsured americans opposition to the law is hit an all- time high. stephen moore, how are you, sir? >> these are the people who need it the most, what is the problem? >> this poll shocked me, bill. six out of ten people who don't have insurance don't favor obama care. that is puzzling. you would think that people getting coverage would be people who support the plan. what you are finding when the president talks about the numbers. 4 or 5 million people signing up for obama care are people who are shifting their insurance. people who don't have insurance they don't understand how it works and reluctant to sign up and the people who are getting insurance are put in medicaid and people don't like medicaid. it is not a good coverage program. >> under this law medicaid is not good or worse under obama care? >> look, what we are doing to give people health insurance and get them coverage, many of them are dumped in the medicaid program that exists right
and conservatives. >>> a serious proposal to overhaul the tax code the first time in more than 25 years. is there any hope for congressional action this year? >>> and the pentagon proposes to slash the army to its smallest size in almost 75 years. how risky are the cuts for american security?
federal subsidies, meaning tax credits, if you purchase insurance on the private market outside of health care exchanges. a new tweak because technical problems blocked consumers in states such as maryland and oregon from buying coverage online. >> the subsidies available because of the affordable care act remain available no matter how you get your insurance and we are making sure cms is working closely with states to support their efforts to successfully implement their marketplace, and that includes making sure that those who are eligible for subsidies are able to receive them. >> now, late friday covered california which is an exchange hailed as a success announced that after five days of an outage around 14,000 consumers will have to redo their applications to complete the process. uma, back to you. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you very much. >> thanks. >>> coming up after the break, you're going to hear from one of the families that insists that the health care horror stories are indeed real. their story coming up next. [ male announcer ] you've never watched her like this before.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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